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A Brief History of the .45 ACP Cartridge

A guest post written by Chris Colson, Editor-In-Chief of ColsonTaskForce. For over 400 years, the Spanish Empire ruled the Philippines. Then, in 1898, the Spanish gave the Philippines to America with the Treaty of Paris. This resulted in the Philippine War. This war led to a rebellion which would lead to the invention of the first .45 caliber, and later the .45 ACP. Thanks to this, we now have the two finest weapons known to man: the M1911 and the .45 ACP carbine. But...

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Colt Lightweight Commander

I rarely set out to buy a particular gun; my preference is to wait for a deal to pop up. Such was the case with the Colt Lightweight Commander I’m reviewing today, which most people would understandably look past. In short: the “Lightweight” designation means that the frame is made of an aluminum, which is going to absorb far less of the considerable recoil that the .45 ACP round can generate. And the “Commander” size means that there’s less barrel and less slide to absorb that recoil. And this gun is still a good bit larger than the pocket-sized polymers that dominate the compact market now, which leaves the Lightweight Commander in a strange middle-space. But one man’s odd duck is this man’s bargain, and when it was offered to me for a good bit below dealer cost (translation: “we’ve had this thing in the case for well over two years and we need to make space for more Glocks and Springfields”), I decided to give it a shot. Can’t go wrong with a pony gun, right?