Mike offers the following services:

Researching Historic Firearms

Most gun collectors want to know more about the treasures they’ve collected, and there are many books and factory historical lettering services available. These resources often leave gaps that Michael’s expertise can help fill, especially for individual guns with unique provenances.

Many collectors want to learn more about the individual or company or distributor to which a particular gun was attributed, and Mike’s 30 years of experience as a genealogist can help synthesize a cohesive narrative from the most obscure sources. Research can also involve a firearm whose make or model is not obvious, and Mike’s extensive library (with some books dating back to the 1700’s) helps him identify the most obscure weapons.

Michael’s letters are individually written (he never writes form letters) and printed on archival quality cotton rag paper, and embossed with his seal.

Public Speaking

A 14 year veteran of the Toastmasters program, Michael has presented to some of the world’s leading companies and collecting organizations, and he would love to talk to you about your organization’s public speaking needs. Michael’s presentations appeal to collectors, academics and lay audiences, and he prides himself on the care and craft he puts into making his presentations both enjoyable and informative.

And no, you will never get “death by PowerPoint” from Michael.

Expert Testimony

Michael is one of a small handful of credentialed historians with deep expertise in all aspects of firearms ownership, collecting and shooting, and he may be able to assist your legal team in cases involving the use of firearms.


While insurance appraisals are not a service that Michael provides, he is available on a consulting basis to help people inventory and document a firearms collection that they are in possession of, and to assist in the engagement of ethical and lawful sales avenues through which a collection may be safely and profitably divested.