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State/Province : Latitude: 43.7844397, Longitude: -88.7878678

State/Province : Latitude: 43.7844397, Longitude: -88.78786780000001

Latitude: 43.7844397, Longitude: -88.7878678


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Erdman, Henry H  25 Oct 1883WI, USA I1129 Helms Family 
2 Erdman, N.J.   I1054 Helms Family 
3 Fröhlich, Bertha  1879WI, USA I1332 Helms Family 
4 Keating, Margaret Agnes  12 Jan 1892WI, USA I7 George Washington Kirk 
5 Leister, Nettie Jane  27 Aug 1890WI, USA I1130 Helms Family 
6 Murray, Ann Elizabeth  Jul 1892WI, USA I1404 Helms Family 
7 Murray, Anne  1848WI, USA I1410 Helms Family 
8 Murray, Catharine A  26 Aug 1893WI, USA I1405 Helms Family 
9 Murray, Cathrin  1849WI, USA I1416 Helms Family 
10 Murray, James  1862WI, USA I1414 Helms Family 
11 Murray, John  1857WI, USA I1412 Helms Family 
12 Murray, Joseph Albinus  16 Feb 1890WI, USA I1403 Helms Family 
13 Murray, Mary  1861WI, USA I1413 Helms Family 
14 Murray, Mary Frances  Sep 1886WI, USA I1186 Helms Family 
15 Murray, Matilda Irene  23 Dec 1894WI, USA I1406 Helms Family 
16 Murray, Patrick  1854WI, USA I1411 Helms Family 
17 Murray, Phillip N  Sep 1887WI, USA I1401 Helms Family 
18 Murray, William  1865WI, USA I1415 Helms Family 
19 Murray, William T  12 Dec 1888WI, USA I1402 Helms Family 
20 Wahl, Edward  1866WI, USA I1506 Helms Family 
21 Wahl, Louis Jr.  16 Jul 1919WI, USA I1187 Helms Family 
22 Wahl, Mary Francis  16 Jul 1919WI, USA I1120 Helms Family 
23 Wahl, Minna  1858WI, USA I1505 Helms Family 
24 Wahl, Patricia  1918WI, USA I1188 Helms Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leister, Catharine N  4 Mar 1903WI, USA I3911 Helms Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barndt, Abner  1844WI, USA I1365 Helms Family 
2 Leister, Leanna  1844WI, USA I1362 Helms Family