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Family: Jacob Fry / Susannah Beckinbaugh (F1425)

Family Chart 

George BeckinbaughGeorge Beckinbaugh
Male (1761-1842)
Female (1761-1846)
Jacob FryJacob Fry
Male (1765-1842)
Susannah BeckinbaughSusannah Beckinbaugh
Female (1767-1845)
Eve FryEve Fry
Female (1805-1885)
Elizabeth FryElizabeth Fry
Female (1807-1899)
George W FryGeorge W Fry
Male (1809-1901)
Titus R FryTitus R Fry
Male (1811-1902)
William H FryWilliam H Fry
Male (1813-1906)
Enos FryEnos Fry
Male (1815-1896)
Mary Ellen FryMary Ellen Fry
Female (1817-1901)
Susan FrySusan Fry
Female (1819-1895)
John FryJohn Fry
Male (1820-1902)
Martial FryMartial Fry
Male (1822-1878)
Angeline Ann FryAngeline Ann Fry
Female (1824-1884)
Jacob Alfred FryJacob Alfred Fry
Male (1826-1906)
Abraham Elihu FryAbraham Elihu Fry
Male (1830-1890)
James Millson FryJames Millson Fry
Male (1832-1910)