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Family: John Biddle / Elizabeth Canby (F74)

m. 15 Sep 1796

Family Chart 

Owen BiddleOwen Biddle
Male (1737-1799)
Sarah ParkeSarah Parke
Female (1742-1794)
Jane BiddleJane Biddle
Female (1761-1793)
Sarah BiddleSarah Biddle
Female (1767-1795)
Tacy BiddleTacy Biddle
Female (1770-1778)
Thomas BiddleThomas Biddle
Male (1772-1773)
Owen BiddleOwen Biddle
Male (1774-1806)
Robert BiddleRobert Biddle
Male (1776-1777)
Clement BiddleClement Biddle
Male (1778-1856)
Anne BiddleAnne Biddle
Female (1780- )
John BiddleJohn Biddle
Male (1763-1815)
Elizabeth CanbyElizabeth Canby
Female ( -1832)
Samuel Canby BiddleSamuel Canby Biddle
Male (1797-1826)
Sarah BiddleSarah Biddle
Female (1799-1879)
Joseph BiddleJoseph Biddle
Male (1801-1835)
James Canby BiddleJames Canby Biddle
Male (1802-1841)
Frances BiddleFrances Biddle
Female (1803-1873)
William BiddleWilliam Biddle
Male (1806-1887)
Edward C BiddleEdward C Biddle
Male (1808-1832)
Margaret BiddleMargaret Biddle
Female (1810-1810)
Rebecca BiddleRebecca Biddle
Female (1812- )
John BiddleJohn Biddle
Male (1814-1884)