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Family: John Christman Mowday / Anna Jones (F50)

m. 1866

Family Chart 

William MowdayWilliam Mowday
Male (1790-1875)
Rebecca BairRebecca Bair
Female (1806- )
Christian MowdayChristian Mowday
Male (1832-1910)
Mary Ann MowdayMary Ann Mowday
Female (1847-1900)
William JonesWilliam Jones
Male (1813-1893)
Susanna MummaSusanna Mumma
Female (1812-1893)
Margaret JonesMargaret Jones
Female (1837-1926)
Mary M JonesMary M Jones
Female (1840- )
Lydia T JonesLydia T Jones
Female (1841-1924)
John JonesJohn Jones
Male (1843- )
Emma JonesEmma Jones
Female (1845-1926)
Eliza JonesEliza Jones
Male (1847- )
Levi G JonesLevi G Jones
Male (1849-1931)
Lauretta JonesLauretta Jones
Female (1853-1923)
Reuben C JonesReuben C Jones
Male (1854-1932)
John Christman MowdayJohn Christman Mowday
Male (1835-1907)
Anna JonesAnna Jones
Female (1837-1917)
Jennie MowdayJennie Mowday
Female (1866-1950)
Anna L MowdayAnna L Mowday
Female (1867-1898)
Charles L MowdayCharles L Mowday
Male (1868-1892)
William MowdayWilliam Mowday
Male (1870-1945)