Firearms-Specific Research

With every firearm that I am handed, I perform meticulous research to uncover every possible detail about it. Through my utilization of tax records, newspapers, books, and much more, I am able to tell my clients the story behind their firearm. Most gun collectors want to know more about the treasures they’ve collected, and there are many books and factory historical lettering services available. These resources often leave gaps that my expertise can help fill, especially for individual guns with unique provenances. Many collectors want to learn more about the individual or company or distributor to which a particular gun was attributed, and my 30 years of experience as a genealogist can help synthesize a cohesive narrative from the most obscure sources. Research can also involve a firearm whose make or model is not obvious, and my extensive library (with some books dating back to the 1700’s) helps me identify the most obscure weapons. My letters are individually written (I never write form letters) and printed on archival quality cotton rag paper, and embossed with my seal.

``Becoming a firearm historian happened organically for me. I started doing basic historical research for myself which led to doing it for others and here we are.``

As a firearms historian, the lettering process is often the best way to begin researching a gun’s history. Although we are largely at the mercy of what history provides us, I’m able to reach out to a firearms manufacturer and get information related to the item’s shipping history and basic manufacturing data. However, the majority of the work begins where this information ends as I continue where the factory letter stops and work to compile additional information utilizing my wide array of resources. 

I find immense joy in discovering the rich history behind one’s firearm. The stories these guns hold will always push me to continue my research and contribute the information I uncover.

Discover the History of your Firearm.