Firearms Consulting

Using research tools and my wealth of knowledge, I provide clients with expert information about their firearms. On a consulting basis, I help people inventory and document a firearms collection that they are in possession of, and to assist in the engagement of ethical and lawful sales avenues through which a collection may be safely and profitably divested. Overall, my goal as a consultant revolves around helping my clients maximize the value of a firearm while guiding them throughout the entire journey to make sure everything is handled responsibly. 

If a client is interested in selling an item, I pair my extensive network of dealers and up-to-date market knowledge with historical sales records to devise an accurate evaluation. Markets constantly change, and I’m consistently aligned with relevant trends and activities for the benefit of my clients.

``Whether it’s a gun collector, grandpa’s old collection or a new-to-you antique, I want to learn the history and share all of the historical findings with the owners and the world. History shouldn’t be a thing of the past.``


Uncover the History Behind your Firearm, Today.