Expert Witness Testimony

Ialso provide expert witness testimony within the court of law. My deep expertise in all aspects of firearms ownership, collecting, and shooting enables me to potentially assist legal teams with cases involving firearms usage. I’m one of a small handful of credentialed historians capable of providing this relevant information for use in a legal scenario.


If attorneys or relevant legal counsel have questions or possible theories  that require my specialized knowledge and research, I’ll provide whatever beneficial information I can to help answer their questions. After I’m briefed on the case and research all pertinent material, I apply my expertise to any area I feel may impact the court ruling. From ballistic testing to analyzing various makes and models, my discoveries can have massive impacts on certain rulings. 


I am willing to testify in court and sign an NDA if needed.

``I find immense joy in discovering the rich history behind one’s firearm. The stories these guns hold will always push me to continue my research and contribute the information I uncover.``


Uncover the History Behind your Firearm, Today.