Gear Review: LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8” Side-Zip Duty Boot

The Short Review: This duty boot from LAPG’s clothing line is a superb performer, and represents an unbeatable value at its price point. For long daily wear in wet conditions or rugged terrain, this boot will keep your feet well protected and dry. The Long Review: LA Police Gear’s Sector Coyote 8” Size-Zip Duty Boot is a solid choice for people looking for an all-purpose duty boot that will work well in a variety of conditions. The list of features is impressive: suede and ballistic nylon uppers, a thick robber sole that has an aggressive tread, a hefty YKK side zipper that a...

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Join On the Hunt: .44 Magnum or .460 S&W?

Whether you’re looking down a 300 BLK scope or aiming down iron sights, when you’re hunting you want a reliable weapon that will take down your prey with one shot. A lot of that depends on the caliber of your round, so today will settle the debate between the .44 Magnum or the .460 conversion. Velocity The first main point to compare is velocity, or how fast the bullet travels to the target. You can look statistics up on any website or forum, but Smith and Wesson, the manufacturer of the .460 claims that it’s the fastest bullet out there. Based on experimentation,...

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Glock 44: The Littlest Glock

No, not little in terms of overall dimensions … but little in terms of caliber. The Glock 44 fills the long-discussed gap in the Glock line for a pistol chambered in .22 LR. It’s no surprise that this gun has the same outside dimensions as a Glock 19; many would argue that the 19 is the best gun in the lineup. The Glock 44 started shipping earlier this week, and I stumbled across one at a local shop for the going street price of $379. A completed 4473 and four Benjamins put the newest Austrian in my safe.

A Brief History of the .45 ACP Cartridge

A guest post written by Chris Colson, Editor-In-Chief of ColsonTaskForce. For over 400 years, the Spanish Empire ruled the Philippines. Then, in 1898, the Spanish gave the Philippines to America with the Treaty of Paris. This resulted in the Philippine War. This war led to a rebellion which would lead to the invention of the first .45 caliber, and later the .45 ACP. Thanks to this, we now have the two finest weapons known to man: the M1911 and the .45 ACP carbine. But...

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