Gear Review: LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8” Side-Zip Duty Boot

Gear Review: LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8” Side-Zip Duty Boot

The Short Review:

This duty boot from LAPG’s clothing line is a superb performer, and represents an unbeatable value at its price point. For long daily wear in wet conditions or rugged terrain, this boot will keep your feet well protected and dry.

The Long Review:

LA Police Gear’s Sector Coyote 8” Size-Zip Duty Boot is a solid choice for people looking for an all-purpose duty boot that will work well in a variety of conditions. The list of features is impressive: suede and ballistic nylon uppers, a thick robber sole that has an aggressive tread, a hefty YKK side zipper that a thickly gloved hand can navigate with ease, and pillow-like comfort that requires virtually no break-in.

You won’t have any trouble zipping and unzipping the YKK zipper with gloved hands.

Sizing of boots is always a bit tricky; I generally wear a size 11 dress shoe and a size 12 cowboy boot, so I split the difference and went with the 11.5 size in these duty boots. This turned out to be the perfect size for me.

As luck would have it, these boots arrived when the Louisiana weather was turning wintery-cold. With the sub-freezing temperatures and plenty of mud to muck through, I had ample opportunity to put these boots to the test. To my surprise and delight, they performed wonderfully.

The trail-proof treads are equally at home on sidewalks and city streets.

Duty boots have to work well on dry sidewalks and muddy trails alike, and these boots have not disappointed. The tread is aggressive and I had no problem sloshing through the back woods trails that I enjoy hiking on the weekends. The tread did equally well on my dog’s three mile walk around the local lake, where I had plenty of opportunity to see if the paved roads and sidewalks would challenge the comfort of these boots. They didn’t—good cushioning and solid arch support meant that I wasn’t aching to get them off when I got home.

The side zipper has been around for a long time, but it’s worth repeating here: having a traditional lace-up boot with a side zipper is something that every duty boot should have. Laces allow you to get the boot fit for optimal comfort, and you can double-knot the laces to ensure that they don’t work their way loose. The side-zipper allows you to get in and out of the boots in a few seconds, and the boots should fit exactly the same way every time. The laces are ample and sturdy on these boots, and I had no trouble getting them fitted to my comfort.

The hefty YKK zipper is backed with a rubber flap that helps to keep water out of the boot. After walking through some very muddy terrain, I can confirm that this does indeed work. Whether these would take the place of true rubber boots is debatable, but for everyday wear I was able to slosh through a lot of mud and rain with nary a drop of water seeping through to my socks. It’s worth noting that you have to be a bit careful not to catch the rubber flap in the zipper when you’re closing it. A tear in the rubber flap would almost certainly compromise its water resiliency.

Webbed like a duck’s foot: the LA Police Gear Sector Coyote 8” Side-Zip Duty Boot has a webbed rubber lining inside the zipper, which helps keep the warmth inside and the wetness outside.

The uppers of these boots are thick and well padded, and that kept my feet warm in sub-freezing temperatures. Delightfully, my feet weren’t sweating when the temperature went into the 70’s. If you live in a subtropical climate like I do, these may not be the right boots to wear in the scorching summer heat, but

These boots also look great. Duty boots rarely aspire to make any sort of fashion statement, and many have the “army surplus store” look, or the “orthopedic footwear” look that’s never in style. These boots look nothing of the sort; the rounded edges and stylized nylon panels give them a sleeker and more modern appearance, and the coyote coloring is easy to coordinate with a variety of different fashions. They wouldn’t be mistaken for running shoes, but they look great with a pair of crisp jeans and a button-down—or the requisite tactical pants that most professionals will wear with these boots.

With an MSRP of $69.95, these boots are especially tough to beat.