Conference and Show Exhibits

In 2017 I developed a portable exhibit that showcases Smith & Wesson's earliest firearms. This exhibit won the "best antique" exhibit award at the 2017 Smith & Wesson Collector's Association annual conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it is available for display at other historically-oriented shows and conferences.

The exhibit walks the viewer through the company's first guns, from early production prototypes made in 1859 through to the last production of these guns in 1882. The display includes rare variants of the Model 1, with informational placards that discuss each gun's significance. QR codes are included in the display, with smartphone-enabled links to web pages with more information about each firearm.

If appropriate, the exhibit can also include guns that helped inspire the Model 1, or that competed with it.

The guns are all housed in locking glass display cabinets that allow people to "get close" without compromising the safety and security of these historically-significant artifacts.

I am available to do keynote presentations to interested audiences. Please contact me for more information.