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Unboxing a Randall!

Most gun collectors have a few knives in their collection. This collector is no exception.Randall Knives should need no introduction. As the story goes, Bo Randall was inspired by a Bill Scagel knife he bought, and he eventually became a student of Scagel and learned the art of making truly exceptional knives from one of the world’s best. Scagel knives sell for tens of thousands of dollars now, and original Bo Randall knives aren’t far behind.

The third generation of the Randall family continues the knife making legacy, and the cult allure is such that there’s a 5 year waiting list for a Randall knife. In September of 2013, on a whim, I put a $50 deposit down on a Randall knife, knowing that it would be at least three years before I’d hold one of these vaunted blades in my hand. True to form, three years stretched out to five years, and I had long forgotten about my deposit when I received a bill in the mail for the balance owing on my soon-to-be-finished Randall.

Today, it arrived.