I just went to Wikipedia to find out what a Blogroll is. And now I feel *so* 2003 to have a blog and no blogroll.

So here it is. It will obviously be maintained on the right hand column as well, but I figure it’s worth *some* mention why the current contestants have made it into the current round.

Heather Dineen-Porter’s (now defunct) blog was one of the first ones I found when I was looking for other Canadian blogs. Truthfully, I was a bit jealous because she just moved from my favorite province (Ontario) to my other favorite province (Alberta).

Stephen Reese makes it on the list – not because he has a blog (at least, I don’t see one on the list), but rather because he’s a talented artiste, a good friend and a fellow Calgarian. (can you still call someone a “fellow” Calgarian when you’re not one anymore?)

Crawford Killian has my nomination for Prime Minister. Smart, witty and funny, his writing is guaranteed to provoke and stimulate.

When I get to work I will add a few more blogs that I read there. And for any of my higher-ups reading this – I only read blogs at work during my lunchtime.

Uh, yeah.

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